Orange County

Orange County is the destination for diversity. With a total of 93 parks available for residents to enjoy, including dog parks, splash playgrounds and special youth programs, Orange County has something for everyone. The county also features a diverse cultural community offering arts, cultural events, film festivals, performing arts and more. Public art caches are scattered throughout the county for those interested in the international pass time of “letterboxing”. A journal is hidden at various public art objects to be found and written or drawn in by the public. It’s then returned to its hiding place for the next person.


Orange County was originally known as Mosquito County back in 1824 and encompassed much of Central Florida. In 1845, it was renamed Orange County after the area’s main agricultural industry. The area continued to prosper in the citrus industry peaking in the 1970’s with more than 80,000 acres of orange groves. Several freezes decimated many of these groves and thus the industry moved south to warmer climates. Fortunately for Orange County, Walt Disney’s major endeavor revived the economy with the construction his vacation resort Walt Disney World, bringing tourism, employment and growth to the region.


Today, Orange County’s economy is fueled by tourism to the many theme parks and the convention center, high tech industries, simulation and aeronautical industries with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Siemens, GE, AT&T, Boeing, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Delta Connection Academy and The National Center for Simulation. Another growing industry is the film and television sector, with a host of entertainment companies and schools. The country’s third largest airport, the Orlando International Airport is located in Orange County and is easily accessible. The University of Central Florida, the second largest university by enrollment in Florida also resides here. The population estimate has escaladed to over 1,066,113 in 2007.


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